Feb 4, 2012

More Pictures

So I've been practicing taking more photos of my first Space Wolves, I think they turned out well.  Definitely much better than my first set of photos.  Have a look:

My current work is nearing completion, just got a few more touch ups to do and they will be finished!  Hopefully I'll have pics of them within the next few days...


  1. Impressive! What are you using for snow on the bases?

    1. These were my very first, so I hadn't gotten any proper materials for the bases. I wanted to figure out the painting first. The "snow" is actually white decorative sand! I'll be attempting proper snow on my next Space Wolves.

    2. A good way to do snow is mix the snow flock with PVA glue in a 1:1 mix, it'll make a paste which you can apply to the base. After that, sprinkle snow flock on top of that and you have snow packs!