Apr 17, 2012

Changes Coming Soon

As the title indicates, I plan on doing some changes to my blog and probably the name as well.  The original name and design were really more of a temporary experiment that I never really got to fixing it up.  I was never really set on 40kDiary as a blog name either, especially since I'll be blogging about other games and figures.  I'm currently in the works on a new blog design and figuring out a new name, which all should hopefully be done very soon!

Aside from that, I've been working on some work for my first client.  I've so far completed a wolf head and am working on two ravens for Space Wolves Chooser of the Slain ability.  I'm finding feathers on wings to be much harder than fur!
I had to try twice before I got wings at a good size to the body of the raven they're going to fit to.  I used some milliput to create a general wing shape to hold the green stuff as well as a way to gauge how large I need to keep the wings at while messing with the green stuff.

The wolf head pictured doesn't have his ears, but I got his general head completed here.  I took additional pictures along the way so I will try and put together a tutorial for how I made the head!  Unfortunately I still managed to forget to take a picture of the milliput skull...

Apr 3, 2012

WIP - Playing with Green-Stuff

Recently I've not had much time to work on painting, but I've managed to get some time in doing some more sculpting with green-stuff and milliput.  It's been interesting trying to learn how to some little bits of sculptingwith both, as each have their pros and their cons.  I'm starting to find that the yellow-grey milliput is too soft for the kind of detail sculpting you can see in green stuff, the milliput likes to break apart easily and stick to my fingers. I do find it useful for filling in gaps and setting up basic shapes that I can then use green stuff on.  Saves me from using the green stuff for those basic tasks.

For example, I'm working on some wolf heads to set up on my dreadnoughts and instead of using a bunch of green stuff to blob together into the shape of a wolf head, I started off with some milliput to create a basic shape of a wolf's skull.  From there I was able to flesh out a basic structure with the rest of the milliput and then start with the green stuff to get the final structure and details on the wolf head.  Unfortunately, I apparently forgot to take pictures of the initial skull, but here is what I've gotten so far with the two wolf heads.

This was the first head I started and I made my first mistake here by attempting to sculpt the whole head at once.  I had nowhere to hold other than directly on the head so I was constantly pushing and smudging green stuff with my fingers by accident.  It prevented me from really attempting to get some of the greater details I wanted, so the first one ended up, in my opinion, looking like a messed up dog.  Note to self: if you want good results, take your time.

The second one came out better as I took more time on working with the shapes.  I also took it by two parts where I worked on the muzzle first then finished the head after that part dried.  It came out with better results.
I used the rest of the green stuff I was working on and created a couple of pelts for the arms of the dreadnoughts.  I've also been experimenting with various methods of creating fur, I'm not sure which one I like better yet, I may have to see after they're all painted up.