Apr 17, 2012

Changes Coming Soon

As the title indicates, I plan on doing some changes to my blog and probably the name as well.  The original name and design were really more of a temporary experiment that I never really got to fixing it up.  I was never really set on 40kDiary as a blog name either, especially since I'll be blogging about other games and figures.  I'm currently in the works on a new blog design and figuring out a new name, which all should hopefully be done very soon!

Aside from that, I've been working on some work for my first client.  I've so far completed a wolf head and am working on two ravens for Space Wolves Chooser of the Slain ability.  I'm finding feathers on wings to be much harder than fur!
I had to try twice before I got wings at a good size to the body of the raven they're going to fit to.  I used some milliput to create a general wing shape to hold the green stuff as well as a way to gauge how large I need to keep the wings at while messing with the green stuff.

The wolf head pictured doesn't have his ears, but I got his general head completed here.  I took additional pictures along the way so I will try and put together a tutorial for how I made the head!  Unfortunately I still managed to forget to take a picture of the milliput skull...

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